CLM for Human Resources

Published Date:
May 11, 2023

Technology has changed how companies are functioning around the globe. However, management of people remains as important as ever. The increasing demand and shortage for specific skillsets have transformed HR departments from a support department to a strategic one.

Traditional HR departments only had a supporting role in the organization, with their main tasks comprising of record keeping, compliance and service administration. A modern HR department, however, has to deal with much more and thus it has become necessary that some of their traditional tasks be automated. A CLM system does just that. It makes all the tradition processes for management of resources much more efficient.

1. Increased Efficiency

A CLM tool makes it extremely simple to onboard new employees. Documents like NDAs, offer letters, pay slips etc. can be sent securely for review and execution to prospective employees, without the threat of breach or delays. This frees HR departments from administerial responsibilities of maintaining records manually.

2. Reduces Risk

Since a CLM system can maintain easy compliance with all hiring and employment requirements of your jurisdiction, it can reduce legal risks associated with non-adherence with these laws. It can ensure that you are safe from future legal action and protected on every front.

3. Remote Capability

A CLM system can allow you to securely share documents for signatures anywhere in the world. These signatures are verified and enforceable in case of any disputes, and save HR departments the task of manually sending out documents for signatures, and maintaining physical records of all agreements signed by employees.

4. Increased Profitability

People are fundamental to sustainable value creation and HR has a substantial role in hiring and developing these individuals. With businesses becoming increasingly sophisticated, companies can no longer go out in the market and find a perfect candidate, with the skills and experience that they desire.

Employees are also becoming more aware of needs, whether physical or mental, and are more likely to demand that certain changes be made in order to accommodate them.

 In conclusion, from onboarding to offboarding, and everything in between, CLM can help you make your processes more efficient, reduce risk, while making all the important documents easily accessible to anyone who might need them anywhere in the world. This will allow your HR department plenty of time to deal with the new responsibilities and help your company succeed in the long term.