Sign documents with compliant e-signatures

The Scribe Zero CLM platform provides a Qualified E-signature (QES) solution compliant with laws and regulations such as the eSign Act, Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), eIDAS, and other regulatory legislation.

All e-signatures are backed by a digital certificate issued by a certificate authority.

E-Signature solutions to suit all your needs

The Scribe Zero e-signature solution provides you with a toolkit for you to design how you want to execute your documents.

  • Click-to-Sign
  • Capture Signature (use trackpad to sign)
  • Initial Documents
  • Accept Only (for e.g. Terms of Use)
  • Custom Fields (for e.g. Address, Personal Info etc.)

Set signing order for your contracts

Scribe Zero gives you the flexibility to invite as many colleagues or guests as you need to sign your document — whether you need 1 or 50 signatures.

Signature Audit Trails for all your contracts

All contract documents signed using the Scribe Zero CLM are generated along with a comprehensive audit trail.

Every signer gets a downloadable PDF once a contract document has been executed.