AI-enabled contract repository for digital contracting

The Scribe Zero AI repository acts a single source-of-truth for all your contract documents. Upload, extract, search and track all your contracts in one place.

Upload all your contracts in minutes and save up to 60% on costs.

Auto Index your contracts at scale using the Scribe Zero centralized repository

With a centralized smart repository, you can upload all your contracts at scale. Scribe Zero extracts critical information from your contracts, auto-indexes them, and stores them so you search and take necessary action immediately.

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Get full visibility to your contracts from start to finish

The contracts repository also helps you to track and trace all of your contracts through a comprehensive audit trail of your documents. Whether redlining, updating versions, approving or signing, you can view this instantly and take actions to drive your contracts to completion.

Coming Soon: Smart Search using AI

Contracts are complex documents with a variety of insights in them. And a simple search may not be the best experience for our customers. So, we’re working hard to bring you an advanced search experience using Artificial Intelligence. Get on our mailing list to get updates.