An editor designed to work to your preferences

The Scribe Zero Editor packs features for drafting every step of the way. Collaborate with your internal teams and negotiate with external partners seamlessly with a comprehensive set of tools.

Draft your contracts within minutes

Scribe Zero Rich Text editor

Create using our native rich text editor that has all the features of MS Word


Microsoft Word

Import & Export your content directly from your MS Word document


PDF Docs

Upload your PDF file to edit and share

Redlining: Powerful Redlining feature that tracks changes online or offline

With the Scribe Zero Editor you can easily invite team members or external users to redline your document. In addition, the editor can also track changes of your MS Word document if you chose to make changes offline and import into the Scribe Zero editor.

Commenting: Emailing contracts is no longer necessary

Emailing contracts back and forth is not only time and resources wasted but it also compromises data integrity if the latest versions were not referenced for discussions. The Scribe Zero Editor ensures you have access to the most up to date information of your contracts when needed.

Version Control: Gain complete visibility of your contract changes

With a comprehensive version control feature, you have a full view of who, when and what was changed within your contracts. You can also compare versions and understand the difference of changes between documents.

Request third-party paper

Save the hassle of emailing requests for third-party paper. Start your contracting with a request for the counter-party template

The Scribe Zero editor gives users the ability to request for a third-party paper within the platform. This gives users and the counter-party complete transparency of document changes from start to finish.

Multiple documents? Use the Scribe Zero Folio

The Scribe Zero CLM offers advanced capabilities for users to attach multiple documents to a Folio, a feature that is not quite common with traditional CLMs.
In addition, users can also assign different collaborators to a document for redlining and commenting.

Some examples of where this could be helpful include:

  • Master Services Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Purchasing Agreements