The Benefits of using E-Signatures for your contract documents

Published Date:
May 11, 2023

The Definition of E-Signature

E- signatures or electronic signature provides a legally binding digital means to sign documents. Not only are E-signatures legally recognized in most jurisdictions across the world, they are also a great alternative to traditional pen and paper signatures. Choosing e-signatures over traditional signatures have advantages such as:

Secure, Time-Stamped and Traceable

Electronic signatures are secure, and arguably more secure than traditional signatures. Unlike wet ink signatures, e-signatures cannot be forged, or applied by any person other than the intended recipient. Documents signed with E-signatures are accompanied with additional layers of security and authentication in the form of an audit trail and proof of transaction, which make it easy to establish, among others, the time and place of signing. Due to these security features, these signatures are easy to authenticate in the event that they are ever challenged.

Easier to track status in real time

When a request to sign a document is sent electronically, the sender can track the status of the document as it happens - right from the receipt of the document to the review and signature by the recipient. 

Easier to file/manage and search

Using an e-signature software means that all documents shared by a user are stored and made easily accessible in one centralised database. This removes the hassle of filing physical copies of the agreements, and makes it exponentially easier to search for specific documents.

Cheaper, faster and ‘greener’

E-signatures can be made from anywhere in the world without requiring printing, scanning or mailing. Not only is this cost-effective, but also quick and environment-friendly. By eliminating extra steps and machinery from the signing process, e-signatures make signing documents much easier.

Less Prone to Human Error

Since many e-signature solutions won’t let a user sign a document not meant specifically for them, there is less room for human error. A document will also not be recognised as completed until all signature fields are filled in by all required signatories, adding another layer of protection from error.

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